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Why "Wheelchair Accessible?"

Yes, when completed 2 Pollock Rd in Wayland will be fully wheelchair accessible, and that's how we're advertising it. However, we're really renovating using something called "Universal Design." So what is it?

Universal Design is a building technique that allows homeowners and visitors of all physical abilities access to the entire home. So, whether you use a wheelchair, walker, or are unimpeded by any physical limitation, the home will serve you. By using this technique, and with a little planning, we can also make the home look beautiful (something that can be lost when homeowners rush to remodel for accessibility out of urgency).

UD has seven principles:

  1. Equitable Use - people of all abilities may use it.

  2. Flexibility of Use - there are numerous ways to use the spaces, appliances, etc...

  3. Intuitive and Simple - nothing is overly complex or difficult to use.

  4. Perception - essential information is clearly presented, and in numerous ways.

  5. Tolerance for Error - chance for error and catastrophe is minimized.

  6. Low Physical Effort - sustained physical effort, contortion, force is not required.

  7. Space - adequate space for approach and use is provided to all appliances and furniture.

So why "wheelchair accessible" or "universal design?" Because whoever moves into this home, whether they are confined to a wheelchair or not, will benefit from the design for as long as they live there.

INTERESTED IN PURCHASING THIS HOME? Call Brian Harvey at 508.838.8959

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